With the CyberGamer Premier League Season 4 over, we thought we'd do a bit of a recap.

Reflex CS for CGa S4 consisted of:

  • xristos
  • seth
  • hatz
  • hyper
  • emarosa
  • Carbunkle (s)
  • burkus (s)

They finished top of their group, without a single loss. In the finals:

- 2-0 vs. Final Spark: (Full Bo3)

- 2-0 vs. Funky Monkeys: (M1, M2)

- 2-1 vs. Control eSports: (M1, M2, M3)

- 2-1 vs. Erase: (M1, M2, M3)

This put us into the grand final against FireUP/Genocide, and we unfortunately went down in an extremely close last map, resulting in a 1-2 and taking home second place with $400.

  1. Map #1
  2. Map #2
  3. Map #3

Following CGa, the team was offered to join auRa eSports, and they took it. We can only wish them good luck in division 2 next season. With this change, we kept the two former subs, Carbunkle and burkus and their new team for the next season:

  • Carbunkle (c)
  • burkus
  • HaDes
  • shN

Thanks to kaps and limits from ELIM for consistently casting us this season, and hopefully still will do next season.